Winter Holiday Sweets!

Listed below we have cakes, cupcakes and whoopee pies to order for the Christmas and winter holidays! We are offering Christmas pick ups Sunday December 23rd as we are closed Christmas Eve!!

Fun Holiday Flavor Combinations!!

These are fun holiday flavors that we have come up with just from what we offer normally on our menu!!! We want to make it easier for you! All flavors below can be GLUTEN FREE (Gluten Free increases the cost of cakes, cupcakes and whoopee pies)

Spiced Eggnog Cake - a delicious eggnog cake with rum buttercream filling frosted with an Eggnog buttercream

Hot Cocoa Cake - our popular chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling covered in whipped chocolate buttercream

Peppermint Pattie Drip Cake - our dark chocolate cake filled with peppermint buttercream filling covered in vanilla buttercream and finished off with a chocolate drip and peppermint candy design

Mint Chocolate chip drip cake - our chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip filling covered in white and green vanilla buttercream stripes with a mint chocolate ganache drip and mint chocolate chip design

Gingerbread Christmas Cake - a sweet gingerbread cake with cinnamon buttercream filling and vanilla frosting

Candy Cane Stripe Cake

$50 6 inch tall

$65 8 inch tall


Rudolf Cake

$55 6 inch

$65 8 inch

$75 9 inch

holiday 1.jpg

Merry Christmas Cake

$45 6 inch

$55 8 inch

$65 9 inch


Frosty The Snowman Cake

$45 6 inch

$55 8 inch

$65 9 inch

holiday 18.jpg

Snowflake Drip

$45 6 inch square

$55 8 inch square

$65 9 inch square

holiday 12.jpg

Gingerbread House Cake

$50 6 inch

$60 8 inch

$70 9 inch


St. Nicholas Cake

$70 quarter sheet

$140 half sheet

Snowy Snowman Cake

$50 6 inch

$60 8 inch

$70 9 inch

Winter Rosettes

$50 6 inch

$65 8 inch

$75 9 inch

Winter Fun Cookies


Snowy Santa Cookies



North Pole Character Cupcakes


Chanukah Cupcakes

$36/dozen - mixed toppers and florals

holiday 5.jpg

Holly Cupcakes

$30/dozen frosted with toppers

holiday 13.jpg

Santa Cupcake Cake

$55 3 dozen mini cupcakes

$85 3 dozen regular cupcakes


Christmas Pupcake Cake

$55 18 cupcakes

holiday 6.jpg

Merry Christmas Cupcakes

$36/ regular dozen

holiday 10.jpg

Santa Cupcakes

$42/ dozen

Holiday 3.jpg

Grinch Cupcakes


holiday 11.jpg

Santa Whoopee Pies

Red Velvet Whoopee Pies with white chocolate filling


holiday 4.jpg

Mickey Santa Cupcakes


holiday 9.jpg

Jingle Bells Cupcakes


holiday 2.jpg

Christmas Puppy Love Cupcakes



Winter Wonderland Bouquet

$50 Large Bouquet

holiday 19.jpg

Poinsettia Bouquet

Large Bouquet 12-14 cupcakes $55


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