Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in your new location at 13 Jenkins Court in Durham?

At this time we still operate out of Kathy’s home in Durham. We will be moving to our downtown location October 2019

How does my UNH student order and delivery work?

You place the order and it is immediately emailed to us. We then plan the delivery for that day. The day of delivery we contact your student with the cell phone number you gave us to coordinate delivery directly. We tell them we have a delivery for them from Sweetened Memories Bakery in Durham so it can be a surprise what they are getting! Once we deliver to your student you will get an email letting you know that your delivery has been filled.

I emailed and submitted an order. Why haven’t I heard back?

We are a small bakery that operates out of Kathy’s house in Durham. We will have a store front in October and hope to have more employees help us for a faster turnaround, but business is very busy! Between moving our store and keeping up with orders we are doing the best we can! Our order request turn around is typically 36 hours.

When I go to order on UNH deliveries I can’t make a custom dozen…they are fixed flavors. How do I pick custom orders?

Due to all of the UNH families and students we try to serve daily we have come up with a quick order “UNH Deliveries” to make it fast and easy. UNH ORDERS is NOT the place to order a CUSTOM flavor dozen, custom cake or design. In order to do that you need to go to our CUSTOM ORDER FORM and place a custom order with us. The form is submitted and you will get a response within 36 hours of placing the order. If you need it quick and easy UNH DELIVERIES IS THE WAY TO GO!!

Appointment only! We do not have a store front at this time

Sweetened Memories   -   7 Denbow Rd.  Durham, NH 03824